About ResourceNet

ResourceNet was setup in 2004 to support educational publishers in the UK through editorial, project management and market research activities. Since then it has expanded across the globe and provided consultancy for everything from an online project to reduce reoffending to revision notes for A-level English Literature and the development of teacher-generated science resources in Thailand. It has also developed original materials in the terms of curricula and learning resources for Malaysia, Brunei and a range of international schools. ResourceNet has also sourced video and animation creation, web and page design, branding and marketing in both traditional and online environments and is experienced in working with graphic and digital experts in other companies.

ResourceNet brings together a range of people, with varied experiences and skills, to support online, digital and paper-bound publishing and development projects in education.


ResourceNet offers a range of services and the first task when setting up any project is to agree with you what might be useful. Consequently, every project is bespoke for every client but the following services are typical of many ResourceNet projects.

The list above is not exhaustive! Please feel free to contact me with your specific requirements as I will either be able to help directly or suggest others who would be more suitable:


Checking scientific accuracy in texts up to GCE A-Level and for wider public understanding of science projects.

Manuscript review

Reviewing manuscripts at any stage of development against global curricula and the latest educational theory.


Producing manuscript for parts of whole publications for both digital and traditional formats.

Project Management

Managing and sourcing multi-author teams for quality and schedule.

Curriculum development

Developing innovative but practical curricula in STEM Education around the world.


Providing face-to-face and online training to support delivery of inquiry-based curricula.

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